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  • “If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied.”

    Experience and Philosophy

    Kalem is a highly recommended trainer who takes pride in providing clients with the best path, training and advice needed to successfully reach their goals. His sessions are full of energy, optimism and fun!

    Kalem believes that training is an essential part of having a healthy lifestyle, whether in a small or large capacity. In his sessions, clients undertake physical, mental and emotional challenges, and Kalem is dedicated to providing a safe environment for clients to achieve their goals.

    Areas of Expertise

      • Body Fat Specialist
      • Corporate Wellbeing
      • Nutrition & Lifestyle
      • Body Transformation
      • Flexibility, Core & Posture
      • Functional & Movement Training
      • Boxing
      • Athlete / Sport Specific Training
      • Injury Management & Rehabilitation
      • Hypertrophy, Strength & Power Training
      • Metabolic Conditioning

    Qualifications, Achievements, Hobbies

      • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (University of Newcastle)
      • ESSA Accredited Sport Scientist
      • Certificate III & IV in Personal Training
      • Schwinn Cycling Instructor
      • Over 15 years experience in the fitness and personal training industry
      • Men’s Health Australia – Designing fitness programs and training routines for total body transformations, “Leaner Fitter Faster Stronger”
      • Semi Professional Rugby Union Player (UK, Europe & Australia)
      • Hobbies: Travelling, food, sufing, summer, chilling out, more food…