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  • 20 years Experience

    Personal Trainer Sydney CBD by Premier Gym Sydney CBD Phil Bancroft

    “Train to Live.”

    Experience and Philosophy

    Be efficient and effective in the gym. Have a body that moves and works well, then go and use it. I want the time you put into the gym, to be given back to you ten fold. Allowing you to do and experience everything you want from life. You will Move, Feel and Look better.

    Areas of Expertise

      • Sports specific training
      • Rehabilitation
      • Functional movement
      • Strength & Conditioning
      • Energy System Development
      • Low Back strength & stability
      • Flexibility and Mobility

    Qualifications, Achievements, Hobbies

      • Diploma in Fitness
      • Certificate iii & iv in Fitness
      • First Aid
      • 20 years Experience as a Personal Trainer
      • National olympic freestyle wresting Medalist
      • Amateur boxer & kick boxer
      • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Australian open Multiple Gold medalist
      • Kendo 2nd Dan (Trained and Competed in Japan 5years)
      • MMA (Trained & Competed internationally)
      • Continuing education courses in various equipment and techniques too numerous to mention.
      • Hobbies- Snowboarding, Rock climbing, Ice hockey, Gymnastics, Moto Racing.