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  • 10 years Personal Training experience

    Premier PT City 300x230 Sean McGuinness Personal Trainer Sydney CBD At Premier Gym Sydney CBD City

    “Helping Busy Individuals Reach Their Fitness Goals”

    Experience and Philosophy

    I am a personal trainer and health coach who deals with high-end busy professionals. I have numerous nutrition, training and health qualifications as well as an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Macquarie University. I also have over 10 years of experience in the coaching sector dealing with time-poor professionals.

    My speciality is in helping people with low energy, bad sleep, and high stress lose weight and regain their health.

    I am a science-driven coach that constantly stays up to date with the latest research to leave no stone unturned on my mission to get results with each and every client I work with.

    Areas of Expertise

      • Fat Loss & Weight Loss
      • Corporate Wellness & Health
      • Stress Management
      • Health Concierge Service
      • Nutrition
      • Behavioural Change

    Qualifications, Achievements, Hobbies

      • Bachelor Of Science (BSc) Psychology (Macquarie University)
      • Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition
      • Personal Training – Certificate 4
      • Motivational Interviewing & Behavioural Change
      • Sports Nutrition
      • Group Fitness (Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Step, Cycle and Circuit)
      • 10 Years Personal Training Experience
      • Hobbies – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, AFL, Gaelic Football, Golf

      Hobbies – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, AFL, Gaelic Football, Golf