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We're currently open.
5:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Weights and Circuit Training

    We believe in:

      • Weight training available to everyone
      • Non-threatening environment
      • Assisting you with your programme and progress
      • Ensuring proper use of weights

    Weights Area

      • Free weights
      • Cable Machines
      • Squat racks x 3
      • Machine Weights
      • Kettle Bells
      • Duel adjustable pulley
      • Preacher Curl
      • Smith Machines x 2
      • Medicine Balls
      • Bench Press

    Dedicated Circuit Training Zone

      • 10 piece circuit allows for quick and high impact weight training
      • Self-managed or in a class circuit training
      • Perfect for resistance training and light-weight cable users

    Circuit Classes

      • Our circuit classes are great for any fitness level
      • Currently 7 classes per week
      • Perfect for toning and improving cardio and strength