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  • [REVIEW] “Little Rascals” the Best Gym Creche

    Discover why Premier Gym has the best gym creche in Sydney! Premier kids love to come to the gym. Parents love the guilt-free training!

    Custom made onsite gym creche

    Little Rascals is Premier’s is designed to entertain and delight the kids – Premier kids race to Little Rascals.

    Located adjacent to the gym – so you are close enough, should they need you but with the division, you can emerge after drop-off ready to train, without the worry of the kids!

    It’s not an add-on, nor is it inside a daycare centre – it is the Best Gym creche as its custom made for kids to enjoy – kids love Little Rascals!

    Best Gym Creche Little Rascals Custom Made For Kids

    Best value gym creche

    It can really add up per visit if you have to pay per hour, and the same amount per child. We want it to be easy and cost effective for our members to train for as long or as many times a week that they desire.

    That’s why we offer;

    • Unlimited creche access – that’s right you do not pay per hour
    • Just $9.95 per week for the first child
    • Then only $4.95 for each additional child

    Premier Gym Creche Fees

    Dedicated zones for all ages

    Little Rascals is well thought out and offers three separate zones which ensures the upmost safety and appropriate fun!

    Zone 1 | Little Babies

    • From 6 weeks old with separate babies sleeping area
    • Qualified staff who can give a bottle or snack, change nappies & provide on demand cuddles!
    • We follow your routines for sleeping, feeding etc. Loads of high chairs.
    • Soft flooring

    Zone 2 | Toddlers

    • Low height soft-play centre
    • Features fun slide, stepping stones + loads more
    • Recommended until aged two and a half,  then to the parents discretion move up to kids zone

    Zone 3 | Kids

    • Massive multi-level soft play centre
    • Slides galore, Ball rooms – too many fun features to list
    Best Gym Creche Little Rascals Toddlers And Babies Zone

    Premier Gym creche Toddlers and babies zones

    Experienced Creche Staff

    All Little Rascals staff are highly experienced and vetted, with the necessary working with children checks ( of course!) and love what they do.

    We have a low turnover of staff – your kids will get to know the staff quickly, and recognise the same faces when they come back.Best Gym Creche Little Rascals Experienced Staff

    Quiet zone to read & draw

    As part of the kids zone, we offer a quiet area, which many kids love.

    We offer lots of books, puzzles, colouring in and much more.

    Plus of course caring staff who will play with your little one if they would like!

    Best Gym Creche Little Rascals Quiet Zone

    Relax before or after your workout in the Little Rascals Cafe.

    We offer a wide range

    • Quality Coffee
    • Fresh Juices
    • Healthy Snacks
    • Great food and drinks for the kids


    Best Gym Creche Little Rascals Cafe

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