Japanese Yoga

Japanese Yoga is a therapeutic yoga which is more about enabling our bodies to function better which will ultimately help us to be more functional humans.

Based on meridian therapy.  Meridians are energy paths that run through our body and all of our organs.  The mention of specific organs like kidney / bladder, stomach/spleen etc throughout the class is to give you an idea of where we are working and where to put your focus.

Some of the classes are based on the season’s, the morning classes are all about energizing you and getting you ready for the day, the evening classes are all about winding you down and getting you to relax and then the women’s health classes which are very specific to women’s needs no matter what stage of life you are at ie; teenager, hormonal imbalances, preparing to start a family, after having a baby and menopause.

We build strength and create tone to the most vital organs of your body and give better mobility to your body on a whole.

Japanese Yoga very specifically works on earth (spleen/stomach), water (kidney/bladder), wood (liver / gallbladder), metal (lung/large intestine) and fire elements (heart and small intestine).  Focussing on these areas and getting fresh blood and tone into these areas will have you feeling relaxed, yet capable to tackle anything, bring back strength and tone to the lower body while keeping our upper bodies light and our minds free.




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