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    Our Premier Cafe Offers:

    • Quality Coffee
    • Fresh Juices
    • Healthy Snacks
    • Great food and drinks for the kids
    • Place to relax before or after your workout


    Where is the Premier Cafe?

      [paragraph]The Premier Health and Fitness cafe is located inside our creche –  Little Rascals.[/paragraph] [paragraph]It is open to any member of Premier or Little Rascals.[/paragraph] [paragraph]Go to reception at Little Rascals and they will buzz you through to the Premier Cafe.[/paragraph]


    Yoghurt & Muesli Cup 4.95
    – add apple & cinnamon or mixed berries 1.00
    Fruit Salad 5.95
    Banana Bread / Pear & Raspberry Bread 3.95
    Raisin Toast 3.95
    Turkish Toast (choice of vegemite, jam or honey) 3.95
    Bacon & Egg Roll (choice of tomato or BBQ sauce) 6.95


    HULK – Build and repair your muscles, support healthy immune system(Banana, Yoghurt, Rice Milk, Honey, Baby Spinach, Chia Seeds) 4.95
    RECOVERY – Replenish and refuel your body post workout(Oranges, Pineapple, Protein, Ice) 4.95
    ACAI SMOOTHIE – Supports muscle repair and replaces electrolytes lost during a workout(Apple juice, Acai, Banana, Berries, Protein, Ice) 4.95
    MUSCLE BUILDER – Aid in growth, repair muscle tissue, stabilise blood sugar levels and increase metabolism(Banana, Milk, Protein, Chia Seeds, Cinnamon, Ice) 4.95

    Fresh Juices

    THE O.C – Orange and Carrot 6.95
    VEGGIE BOOST – Beetroot, Celery, Carrot and Ginger 6.95
    BERRY DELIGHT – Watermelon, Orange, Mixed Berries and Ice 6.95
    ENERGIZER – Carrot, Apple and Orange 6.95
    REFRESH – Watermelon, Cucumber, Lime and Mint 6.95


    Cheese Melt 3.50
    Ham, Cheese & Tomato Melt 4.50
    Ham, Cheese & Pineapple Melt 4.50
    Chicken, Avocado & Cheese Melt 4.50
    Chicken, Sundried Tomato, Pesto & Cheese Melt 4.95

    Healthy Choices

    Salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, avo, mayo and beetroot) Sandwich 5.95  |  Wrap 6.95
    Ham Salad (ham with lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber and mayo) Sandwich 6.95  |  Wrap 7.95
    Chicken Salad (chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, carrot, mayo and cucumber) Sandwich 6.95  |  Wrap 7.95
    Tandoori Chicken Salad (tandoori chicken breast with cucumber, carrot, mixed leaf and tzatziki) Sandwich 6.95  |  Wrap 7.95
    Turkey, Cranberry, Avo and Mixed Leaf Sandwich 6.95  |  Wrap 7.95

    Hot Food

    Beef Burger & chips 9.95
    Chicken Schnitzel Burger & chips 9.95
    Bowl of wedges 7.95
    Bowl of hot chips 4.95
    Chicken schnitzel, avo & tasty cheese Toasted Sandwich, served with side salad or chips 9.95

    Kid’s Choices

    Chicken breast nuggets & chips 5.95
    Kids cheeseburger & chips 5.95
    Hot dog & chips 5.95
    Bowl of hot chips 3.95
    Kids sandwiches with 1 filling (ham, cheese, vegemite, jam or honey) 2.95
    Additional fillings 0.50

    Premier Cafe Member Offers

    • All new members receive a free coffee or smoothie of their choice
    • Coffee and a magazine deal, only $4.95!