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  • Functional Studio

    Try our brand new custom-made dedicated Functional Studio

      Our new Dedicated Functional zone is loaded with all the latest & best functional equipment for serious trainers, aspiring ninjas or those who want to take the next step up in their training.

      It features a Multi-directional and multi-dimensional matrix that provides an infinite number of workout possibilities.
      You can

        • Squat
        • Bench press
        • Rack pull and rack press
        • Monkey bars
        • Military press
        • Chin-up
        • Kip, dip, ring dip
        • Use bands to load and de-load lifts, attach Torsonators as well as Olympic rings and suspension trainers to allow more exercise options than you can imagine

      Other Functional Studio equipment includes

          • Sled
          • Slam balls
          • Wall balls with target
          • Bumper plates
          • Suspended TRX
          • Jump boxes
          • Battle ropes
          • Skierg, Skill Mill and Assault bike